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Facebook Newsfeed Changes For Business Users WILL Change How Your Customers View Your Page

8 Feb 2018 19:00

Do you use Facebook to promote and advertise your company? Are you aware of the new Facebook ‘rule’ changes when it comes to business pages? No? Well, read on Facebook have held a poll amongst its Facebook users after complaints received that personal users were fed up of having to scroll through loads of business […]

Our 5 Step Marketing Strategy for Facebook Business Pages

26 Jan 2018 15:02

Facebook have begun creating 2 feeds to Facebook, one for personal and paid Advert users and another called Explore, which is for Facebook business page owners and group owners.  The reason this is being rolled out is because, following a survey carried out by the Zuckerberg team, it has been established that users are fed […]

Are You Worried About Your Social Media Presence Over The Christmas Period?

21 Dec 2017 18:07

So, in the lead up to Christmas you’ve been posting out all your company offers and competitions, but now you’re going to be closed for the festive season.  Are you worried about your Social Media presence whilst you’re away?  Here are a couple of tips to ease your panic. Update your information We all know […]

Will You Be Following an Instagram Hashtag?

14 Dec 2017 11:50

Do you use Instagram for your business? Andrew Hutchinson from Social Media today brings to our attention that Instagram are now rolling out a new option for users to follow a hashtag? What does that mean, I hear you ask! Well this is what Instagram themselves say about it;  “Following a hashtag is just like following a friend. […]

5 Tips on Marketing Your LinkedIn Company Page

11 Dec 2017 12:16

LinkedIn has over 380 million users and, since it was launched in 2003 it has had a huge impact and is known as the world’s largest professional internet networking site, having the potential for companies to drive new business and cultivate communities, known as groups. LinkedIn is all about business, but if you’re using LinkedIn […]

Active Status on LinkedIn Messaging? What’s that then?

5 Sep 2017 13:59

Did you know that it is estimated that more than one-third of LinkedIn members have created or found new opportunities through casual conversations they started with a LinkedIn message?  When is the best time to start a conversation with someone?  When they are online surely? So, how do you know if they are actually online […]

Why Small Businesses Should Have A Presence On Instagram

7 Aug 2017 11:26

From a simple photo sharing website, Instagram has become one of the most effective sales medium for marketers who want to improve their reach and revenue. In fact, engagement on Instagram is 15 times higher than Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. You can begin using this social media site to promote your business and build a […]

It’s The Journey not just The End Destination that Matters

24 Jul 2017 12:32

If you told me almost 9 years ago that I would be self-employed and absolutely loving what I do, I would have laughed in your face! I never imagined being my own boss, working the hours I want to work, doing what I want to do when I want to and working with whom I want […]

Can my business survive without a social media presence?

25 Jun 2017 19:11

The short answer is No, not in today’s climate. It’s easy to be dismissive saying ‘I’m wasting my time and money, it’s not bringing in any business’ or ‘I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to keep going onto social media and posting stuff’. But those retweets and interactions with other people’s posts give your […]

Accessing Instagram Messages via Your Facebook Page Inbox

5 Jun 2017 19:19

It’s no exaggeration that Instagram is the hottest platform right now. It helps that Instagram is owned by Facebook and that it has copied features used by Snapchat. It now boasts 700 million users and its growth rate is speeding up. In the last four months it has added 100 million users! How then, can […]

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